March wrap up!!!

Good Morning guys. Today is the last day of the March so it’s time for March wrap up. For me it was very good month. 17 books! and to be honest I liked most of them. The worst one in this long list was unfortunately A Spark of Light. It was all about abortion in disgusting way :(. I didn’t like Class Mom neither. But thank god there was a lot of good books like What the Wind Knows or Thirteen 🙂 I also knocked down two classics: To Kill a Mockingbird and The Westing Games. Very interesting was The One, I read it in one day 🙂 Truth and Lies and The Secret Child are part of the series. I hope there will be soon book number 3 because this books really kept me on the edge. The Perfect Child was just perfect and The Stranger Diaries, Bear Town, Run Away, Cinder, The Dead Girl in 2A, Time Crawlers were all so good too. Wow I read a lot of great books 🙂


11 thoughts on “March wrap up!!!

  1. Nice blog! If you would be interested in reviewing Serpents Underfoot, I would love to send you a copy.

    Lol! Not being sexist here, but it is interesting to me, because while writing this book I had pictured it as a “man’s” or military veteran’s book. Then I started getting all these great reviews from women readers. One eventually told me it was because I have three really strong female characters and they loved that.

    Anyway, let me know.

    Best wishes,
    DC Gilbert

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